Thank you for filing for Homestead Exemption using our online system! Please let us know how we can improve this process, especially if you encounter problems along the way. There is a place for your feedback at the end of the application. Here's how to get started:

NOTE!! YOU CANNOT FILE AN APPLICATION FROM THIS PAGE. THESE ARE INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. You may find it helpful to print these instructions to refer to as you complete the application from the General Information Page

  1. Find your parcel using the "Search Our Database" feature on the blue menu bar.

  2. Search by your name, address, or parcel number

  3. The website disclaimer page displays. Choose "I accept, continue". (If you choose "I DO NOT accept, take me back" you will not be able to access the website or complete the application.)

  4. The Search Page appears.
  5. A Query Results page displays. Click on the parcel number to view the General Information page. (NOTE: the parcel number may display in the first or second column.)

  6. Once on the General Information page, click on "File for Homestead Exemption"

  7. This takes you to the welcome page of the online application where you will find a note from Property Appraiser Mike Twitty. Read the information there, then click "Continue" for a list of items you will need get started, and to begin the application process.