Senior Property Tax Exemption
Renewal Applicant

We will automatically renew this exemption for the majority of the seniors who received this benefit last year. Florida Statute 196.075(5) authorizes our office to audit the eligibility of a random sample of applicants to ensure the accuracy of the household income reported. Those in the random audit will receive a letter letting them know they must reapply, along with the application, and information about how to renew if they wish to do so.

The Senior Exemption is based on income received last year. If you can answer YES to these questions, you may qualify:

  • Do you still reside on the property for which you received the exemption last year?
  • Was your 2018 total adjusted gross income $30,174 or less?

The deadline to file for the renewal of senior exemption is March 1. If you do not know your income amount by March 1 deadline, apply anyway. The deadline to submit 2018 income documentation is June 1. Low Income Senior Exemption is based on income received during the previous year. We will determine if you meet the qualifications.

Completing the application:

  • Fill in all applicable blanks on the application.
  • Sign the form
  • Mail or bring the completed application to:

P O BOX 1957
CLEARWATER, FL 33757-1957

Click here for a Renewal Application (Complete online; or print, complete and sign)
Click here for Income Worksheet (For use if you do not file an income tax return)

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the form, please call our Exemptions Department at (727) 464-3207.