Truth In Millage Notice

In early August of each year, taxing authorities mail a Notice of Proposed Property Taxes (TRIM -Truth In Millage Notice) to property owners of record in Pinellas County. This notice is very important to you!

The TRIM Notice contains information on proposed taxes set by taxing authorities which affect you. The notice also lists the dates these authorities will hold public hearings to adopt tentative budgets and millage rates/taxes. You should consider attending these hearings as the size of a taxing authority's budget determines the millage rate (tax) necessary to fund it. Let your voice be heard!

The TRIM Notice also provides the market, assessed and taxable values of your property. Taxable value is assessed value less any exemptions such as homestead, widows, etc. If you think the value the Property Appraiser has set on your property is incorrect or if you have questions about the exemptions on your notice, call or visit our office.

Following a discussion of your property's market value, if you are still not satisfied with the value placed on your property, you have the right to be heard before the Value Adjustment Board (VAB). To do this, all you need do is file a petition with the Clerk of Circuit Court who will set a date, time and place for your hearing. Petitions must be filed within a 25 day period which commences from the day TRIM notices are mailed. The filing deadline date is noted on the TRIM notice and on the petition.

The VAB has voted to collect a non-refundable $15.00 filing fee for petitions to the board. Petitions and fees are to be filed at the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court.

The VAB's sole purpose is to hear evidence concerning whether properties are appraised higher or lower than market value and to hear appeals of the denial of exemptions. VAB members have no jurisdiction or control over taxes.

Following your appeal with the VAB, if you still remain unsatisfied with the value set on your property, you may file suit in civil court. Lawsuits must be filed within 60 days from the date the Property Appraiser certifies the rolls to the Tax Collector.

Sample TRIM Notice