What does the "Data Current as of" date mean on our web pages?

Data is moved to our web server daily (overnight). The "Current" date on our web page is the date this process was last run.

The Property Appraiser's Office is governed by the Florida Constitution s. 4, Art. VII, Florida Statutes (see, in part, 193.011, 193 and 196), and the Rules and Regulations of the Florida Department of Revenue. Annual values are based on ownership status and condition of the parcel as of January 1 each year.

During certain times of the year the data on our web server may not reflect actual, current information; it may represent tentative value roll information. For instance, property values are sent to both the Department of Revenue (DOR) for statistical analysis and approval, and to the Taxing Authorities, in June. As those tentative values become available, we will post them to the site. (Millage rates will not be updated until set by the taxing authorities in September/October). As tentative values are posted on the web page the labels will be changed to indicate the year to which those values apply.

Also, the information on our systems may be one or two weeks behind actual events such as sales, updates from field appraisers, or corrections. If you expect data about a parcel to change, allow a week for the change to be reflected on our web server. Posting of updated ownership information resulting from a sale or new deed will be delayed if the deed is not recorded immediately following the closing. Deeds that convey a portion of a parcel rather than an entire parcel will also be delayed while we create new parcels to conform to the deeds.