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Updated February 21, 2019

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307 62ND AVE N
Property Use: 9600 (Sewage Disposal, Solid Waste (private) borrow pit, marsh, mangrove, sand dune, swamp, waste land, la) SF: Total Gross SF:
2019 Parcel Use
Exemption 2019 2020
Homestead:No No
Government: No No
Institutional: No No
Historic: No No
Homestead Use Percentage:  0.00%
Non-Homestead Use Percentage:  100.00%
Classified Agricultural: No
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Most Recent Recording Sales Comparison
Plat Book/Page
17092/0982  PDF of OR document
2018 Interim Value Information
Year                    Just/Market Value Assessed Value / Non-HX Cap   County Taxable Value School Taxable Value Municipal Taxable Value
2018 $604$604$604$604$604
Value History as Certified (yellow indicates correction on file)
Year Homestead Exemption Just/Market Value Assessed Value   County Taxable Value School Taxable Value Municipal Taxable Value
2018 Tax Information
2018 Tax Bill
Tax District: SP
2018 Final Millage Rate 21.7154
Do not rely on current taxes as an estimate following a change in ownership. A significant change in taxable value may occur after a transfer due to a loss of exemptions, reset of the Save Our Homes or 10% Cap, and/or market conditions. Please use our new Tax Estimator to estimate taxes under new ownership.
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No recent sales on record
2018 Land Information
Seawall: No Frontage: None View:
Land Use Land Size Unit Value Units Total Adjustments Adjusted Value Method
Wasteland/Marsh (96)149x2051000.000.71001.0000$710AC
2019 Extra Features
Description Value/Unit Units Total Value as New Depreciated Value Year
No Extra Features on Record
Permit Data
Permit information is received from the County and Cities. This data may be incomplete and may exclude permits that do not result in field reviews (for example for water heater replacement permits). We are required to list all improvements, which may include unpermitted construction. Any questions regarding permits, or the status of non-permitted improvements, should be directed to the permitting jurisdiction in which the structure is located.
Permit Number Description Issue Date Estimated Value
18-02001115SPECIAL USE20 Feb 2018$40,000
17-12001571SPECIAL USE09 Feb 2018$20,000
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